Practice Areas

  • IP Filing/Prosecution
  • We have senior patent attorneys capable of working with various languages in different technical fields, analyze the patentability and scope of protection, analyze of infringement risk and validity, and file and prosecute invention, utility models, and designs to secure the optimal intellectual property rights for our clients.
  • IP Licensing / Technology Transfer
  • We provide extra professional services such as valuation of intellectual property, licensing, and technology assignment, technology transfer and acquisition, technology transaction, licensing investment, etc. We aim to make sure that client’s IP rights are effectively used after registration.
  • IP Search / Analysis
  • In order to prevent disputes and effectively manage intellectual property assets, we provide a complete set of patent search and analysis services, including the search of advanced technology and patents, the analysis of the validity of rights, the formulation of risk avoidance schemes and core intellectual property protection schemes, and the scope of rights and infringement analysis.
  • Dispute / Litigation
  • Our professional lawyers handle opposition, reexamination, invalidation and litigations, and provide professional and reliable legal supports.
  • Protection of New Plant Varieties
  • We are qualified to represent clients for filing New Plant Varieties applications (Wood and Grass), we have experienced attorneys to provide clients with high quality services and help clients establish the protection system of intangible property related to new plant variety.

Technical Fields

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechatronics, power engineering, industrial automation, vehicle engineering, textile engineering, thermal energy engineering, measurement and control engineering, printing machinery, precision instruments, construction equipment, material processing, chemical machinery, aerospace machinery, etc.

  • Telecommunication

    Electronic circuits, electronic devices, laser devices, medical equipment, optoelectronic technology, business methods, microwave technology, microelectronics engineering, computer engineering, semiconductors, information processing, electrical control, network technology, computer programs, communication technology, image processing, voice processing, display technology, artificial intelligence, internet of things, block chain, etc.

  • Biomedicine

    Antibody drugs, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, protein engineering, genetic engineering, environmental engineering, food engineering, biological products, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.

  • Chemical Material

    Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, applied chemistry, polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, fine chemicals, composite materials, polymer materials, Nano-materials, metal materials, metallurgical engineering, etc.