Wang, HuiManaging Partner, Patent Attorney

  • Education
    • Material science, M.S.
    • Material science, B.S.
  • Language
    • English, Chinese
  • Technical field
    • Mechanical Materials
  • Career
    • Mr. Hui Wang graduated from Queen Mary, University of London, majoring in Material science. He has been working in the patent field since his return to China in 2009,before joining our firm, he was responsible for patent prosecution, infringement litigation, and patent licensing and technology transfer in a well-known IP firm as a patent attorney.
    • Mr. Wang is committed to solving intellectual property-related problems, his practice includes patent drafting, domestic and international new patent application, reexamination, patent search, patent infringement, invalidation and litigation. He specializes in chemical engineering, food, material and mechanics, etc. Mr. Wang has a deep understanding of the development in technology, intellectual property industry as well as the administration and judicial protection. He has rich experience and been widely recognized by clients.
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