Professional and high-quality service

We analyze intellectual property rights for our clients from a professional perspective,
providing the highest-quality service in the industry

One-stop service

From filing to grant and beyond, we provide clients with one-stop services for patent applications

Supporting our clients and our employees

We provide our employees a collegial, collaborative working environment,
and our clients with efficient professional services

About Us

Foundin Intellectual Property, headquartered in Beijing, is a full-service IP firm with many years of experience. It derives from the international patent department of Chofn Intellectual Property, one of China’s largest and most prestigious IP firms.
Since establishment, Foundin’s primary goal has been providing high-quality patent services, covering all patent-related IP services, including patent prosecution, patent enforcement, patent search and analysis and IP monetization. Foundin has a comprehensive team of intellectual property professionals graduates of well-known universities in China and abroad with profound working experience in the IP industry.
Foundin has always been committed to integrity as its foundation, taking client-orientation as a core value, in accordance with the principles of professionalism, efficiency, and full communication. Foundin is dedicated to providing clients with professional IP services, and protecting clients' intellectual property rights.


Our Services

Foundin provides professional services for prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights, mainly in the following fields:
Patent translation, Chinese and foreign-language patent drafting, filing of new applications, patent prosecution (Office Action responses),
re-examination requests, invalidation proceedings, patent searches, patent analysis, FTO searches, patent infringement litigation, administrative litigation and licensing, etc.


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