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Dear Sirs,
As an international patent subsidiary of Chofn group, we are an independent legal entity under Chofn group and responsible for handling all international patent matters for domestic and overseas applicants of the group. Our predecessor is the international patent division of Chofn IP. We have become an independent legal entity with independent operation as from 6 July, 2017 in accordance with the development strategy of Chofn group, and have set a plan of introducing new partners and rebranding.
With the growth of the firm, we are pleased to announce that we have officially added four new partners and will change our firm’s name to "Foundin Intellectual Property" (Web: www.foundin.cn) as from 12 April, 2021. The four new partners are Mr. Xiangyun Jin, Mr. Yan Wei, Mr. Hui Wang and Ms. Huan Cao.
Please note that this rebranding only involves the change of the company name. There is no substantial change in our operation. Your patent and design cases with us are not affected at all. This means that after the rebranding, the business entity and legal relationship will remain unchanged. The original contract, the original business relationship, and the original service commitment will remain unchanged. It also does not involve the change of organizational structure and personnel, and it does not involve the change of your case-handling personnel or contact personnel. For more details, please visit Chofn website: http://en.chofn.com/News/459/Rebranding_Announcement
Foundin will continue providing patent-related quality services for our domestic and international clients. The international trademark division of Chofn group, will continue operating under the name of Chofn IP.
Your continuous cooperation and supports for Foundin Intellectual Property are greatly appreciated.
Sincerely yours,

Xiangyun Jin, Yan Wei, Hui Wang and Huan Cao
Managing Partners, Patent Attorneys
Foundin IP, a subsidiary of Chofn Group

Address: Zuoan Gongshe Plaza 15th Floor, 68 North Fourth Ring Road W., Haidian, Beijing 100080, P.R. China
Email:patent@foundin.cn office@foundin.cn
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