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Patent translation, Chinese and foreign language patent drafting, filing of new applications, Office Action responses, re-examination requests, invalidation proceedings, patent searches, patent analysis, FTO searches, patent infringement litigation, administrative litigation and licensing, etc.
The main practice areas are as follows:

Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics, power engineering, industrial automation, automotive engineering, textile engineering, thermal engineering, measurement and control engineering, printing mechanical engineering, precision instruments, construction equipment, material processing, chemical machinery, aerospace machinery, etc.

Electronic Communications
Electronic circuits, electronic devices, laser devices, medical instruments, photoelectric technology, business methods, microwave technology, microelectronic engineering, computer engineering, semiconductors, information processing, electric control, computer technology, computer programming, communications technology, image processing, audio processing, display technology, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (ioT), blockchains, etc.

Antibody drugs, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, protein engineering, genetic engineering, environmental engineering, food engineering, biologicals, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.

Chemical materials
Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, applied chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, fine chemicals, composite materials, polymer materials, nano-materials, metals, metallurgical engineering, etc.

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